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The Trail


Opportunity doesn't come knocking very often in a community where a steady job is a rare thing to find. In the Las Vegas Trail area, finding even the bare necessities can be a difficult battle for some. The neighborhood was originally designed to be an area to provide housing for an increase in young professionals. With the closure of General Dynamics and Carswell Air Force Base, residences fell into disrepair and business opportunities left the area, resulting in a destination that invited crime to prosper.


With a high density of multi-family residences, the 1.7 square miles in West Fort Worth is overpopulated for the size. Today, over 14,000 residents call this area home. With more than 43 languages spoken in the footprint of Las Vegas Trail, community members who live in this area are roughly one-third black, one-third white, and one-third Hispanic. Working to transform homelessness, the Las Vegas Trail area sees a 30% transiency rate within the community on average. With a lack of education, means to acquire basic social services, and food, residents living in the area struggle to find their next meal on the daily. 

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