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Our Efforts

Along with its partners, LVTRise has identified six efforts that will positively affect the community and improve the lives of its residents. Many of the residents residing within the geographical footprint of Las Vegas Trail are working around-the-clock to access the opportunities they need to be successful. We fill the gaps with superior programs intended to help individuals and communities thrive. Through public and private partnerships and a commitment from community stakeholders, the Las Vegas Trail shared vision focuses on:


LVTRise and its community center bring an increase in safety by providing after school programs in the Las Vegas Trail neighborhood, building police and community engagement, and easing any racial tensions that may occur in the area. A safe neighborhood is a stepping stone for regeneration and enrichment, community-wide. We value the relationships we hold with our local NPO’s and their efforts to put trust and hope back into the Las Vegas Trail community. We see infinite potential in the individuals we serve, and we continuously evolve our approach with new, innovative ways to respond to what our community needs.


By providing access to superior scholastic opportunities, LVTRise can positively alter the education outcomes of children living in the Las Vegas Trail area.  After-school programming, summer curricula, and more, puts a focus on providing a safe haven where children can develop and grow. Programs work to empower children to follow their dreams, and open their minds to new things. Multi-generational achievement is the goal of the efforts behind moving the needle of low-test scores, attendance rates, and mobility rates. When parents receive the support and backing they need, their children will succeed. By supporting intellectual growth and development, we are impacting generations to come.


For the lasting transformation of an individual or family, ensuring their basic needs are met with dignity and respect is the most important step. We collaborate with community partners to guide families toward permanent safe housing, and long-term stability. With multitudes of apartments in the small footprint, Las Vegas Trail residents primarily live in crowded apartment complexes and continuously fight eviction and homelessness. We see the importance of providing guidance and case management to community residents who are simply just trying to keep a roof over their family’s heads. In conjunction with our partners, we coach residents through the process, and equip them with tools to empower themselves to be self-sufficient.


To support individual growth, LVTRise strives to provide high-quality educational and workforce development opportunities. This allows community members to further their own intellectual knowledge, obtain and sustain a job, enhancing the overall family structure and success in civic life. With over 42 languages spoken in the geographical footprint of Las Vegas Trail, a limited English proficiency is one of the major obstacles we are faced with in assisting community members overcome hardship. By providing access to technology, resources, and educational instruction, we can create an environment where self-sufficiency thrives, and realizations of a better life are had.


For individuals to truly thrive, emotional and mental support must be met to push new milestones in their everyday lives, leading to personal growth and development. With community-based programs in place to support the emotional & physical health of both children and adults, we utilize school and community resources to uplift our residents. With issues to address in managing emotions, self-esteem related issues, and academic achievement, children are the front force of who we serve. With food being the number one requested item in the area, we are able to provide a healthy food pantry to residents in need, through partners such as Blue Zones and others committed to LVTRise. 


We recognize that a community can only be as strong as the area they live in. With the importance of fostering and maintaining connections with the business community, we strive to serve as the catalyst for economic growth in the Las Vegas Trail. By doing so, we are ensuring a stable environment among the business community, and provide active leadership to connect the overall community.  Our end goal is to foster neighborhood engagement within the local business community, increase community economic vitality through business attraction, retention, and success, all while recruiting new businesses with the effort to make the Las Vegas Trail neighborhood safer for both businesses and community members. 

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