About Us

The Las Vegas Trail Revitalization Project, known as LVTRise, is a collaboration and partnership of private companies, human service organizations and government agencies dedicated to helping residents of the Las Vegas Trail area improve their neighborhood and day-to-day lives. In response to the devastating crime, unemployment and educational challenges in the LVT area, the organization works to alter the trajectory of the lives of the residents living in the area and focuses resources for both sustained change and immediate positive impact to life.


LVTRise and its community advocates have determined that residents were lacking the following:


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Our Mission

We dedicate our work to collaborating with community partners, empowering community members through training and case management, and impacting the Las Vegas Trail community by increasing school performance, increasing housing stability, and reducing the crime in the neighborhood.

Our Vision

Our vision is to permanently transform the lives of the residents living in Las Vegas Trail, by continually providing resources and services dedicated to the revitalization and sustainability of the geographical area.

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Rise Community Center

The Community Center is a NEIGHBORHOOD HUB focused on providing a home for services that will improve our residents lives. A place to call home and create community, LVTRise welcomes all of its residents to benefit from the services the center has to provide.


The property includes about five acres of land, two buildings totaling 12,650 feet, a parking lot and recreation amenities. Residents, including current YMCA members, can use this new community center free of charge. From financial literacy and career development to counseling and educational classes, after-school programs and meal assistance, the community center seeks to be the hub that connects, empowers, and impacts the Las Vegas Trail area.

The LVTRise community center will rely on committed community volunteers and donations offered by organizations and individuals of Fort Worth, to provide their time and assistance to better back community residents. In our work to provide the basic necessities to some of Fort Worth’s most vulnerable citizens, LVTRise relies heavily on the talent and treasures of our local philanthropic community.