Rosie had everything she wanted, an apartment, a steady job, and a loving family. She never thought she would lose everything in less than one year.


Rosie worked as a leasing agent for an apartment complex; however, they let her go when she had taken too much time away from work to attend 4 funerals for family members in 2016. In the span of one year, Rosie lost her mother, six-year old niece, brother, and father. Rosie says “I fell into a deep depression. I didn’t know when the sun would shine again.” Rosie sold every possession she owned in an effort to stay on top of the many bills she had piling up in the mailbox. She eventually had to move in with her son until she was able to find a job that would pay her enough to afford an apartment and the bare necessities such as utilities and food. One day as she was looking for affordable apartments in Las Vegas Trail, she noticed a “Now Hiring” sign at a local apartment complex. She applied and later interviewed with the apartment manager. This was the perfect job for Rosie. She would be operating the community center, providing child care and meals to children that lived in the apartment complex.

Rosie quickly became a hero for the residents of the apartment complex. She provided much more than just child care, she provided a safe place for children of the apartment complex to relax, do their homework and just be kids. Rosie shared “We welcome any child, we want every child to know that they are welcome and they are loved. If I can provide that through a meal, fun games and crafts – then that’s what I’ll do so they know that they have a place where they belong.”


Today Rosie’s community center is a place where children come to eat dinner, play games, tutoring, and she even has a theme each month. She invites special guest speakers to talk to the kids about their future and what life beyond their current circumstances could look like.


Rosie is grateful to live in Las Vegas Trail, she says that being on “The Trail” allows her to watch over the children that are the most vulnerable. She is grateful for all the progress that the Las Vegas Trail Revitalization Project has accomplished. As Rosie put it, “LVTRise is what people want to see, it gives us all hope that our community will thrive – we aren’t forgotten.”