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Changing the Las Vegas Trail, One Volunteer at a Time

At LVTRise, we thrive off of the dedication and support of our volunteers. Our volunteers are unique, driven, and kind individuals who help directly make an impact on the Las Vegas Trail community. Read along to meet some of the many faces who give back to our community and volunteer their time at LVTRise.

Meet Brenda!

Brenda may live in Arlington, but that doesn't stop her from making it to our bi-weekly food pantry! Brenda has volunteered with us nearly ten times, and she said volunteering at LVTRise has been a nice adjustment to her life after recently retiring. When speaking to Brenda at one of our food pantries, we could hardly get her to stop working and moving. She said she loves the physical aspect of the food pantry, sorting the food and delivering it to cars and people in line. Although she enjoys being active, she said she loves to know that she's giving back to a community that needs it.

"My favorite part is just the atmosphere here. The people are great, the volunteers as well as the staff," Brenda said.

Meet Penny!

When the pandemic hit, Penny's number one concern was how she would be able to still volunteer despite the circumstances. Penny is 77-years-old and has been retired for over ten years, but still she considers herself to be a professional volunteer. Prior to the pandemic, Penny worked at West Aid, one of LVTRise's amazing partners. However, when COVID-19 peaked in the summertime, West Aid no longer allowed those over 65 years of age to volunteer.

Luckily, West Aid pointed Penny towards LVTRise. Penny started volunteering at our food pantry in the summer, and she has been involved with our organization ever since.

"I just like giving back. I'm very healthy for my age since I've been retired, and this is my way of giving back," Penny said.

Meet Eddie!

Eddie lives in the apartments adjacent to the Rise Community Center, so for him, he knows volunteering at LVTRise is directly impacting his neighbors and community. As you can see in the photo, Eddie was hard at work during one of our food-pantries bagging fresh produce for the long line of cars and people, but he did say that his favorite part of volunteering is feeling like he is truly giving back and bettering his community. We asked him why he chose LVTRise specifically over other local organizations, to which he said:

"You know so, they're in our community. They're right here, they help, they give back, they help out the children with everything. And they're great to me," Eddie said.

Meet Scot!

Scot, a New Orleans resident, was in town visiting his daughter before the holidays. His daughter has volunteered at LVTRise in the past, and she recommended that her dad go check out our volunteer opportunities at the food pantry. It's safe to say, Scot loved it! Not only did he love being outside and having fun, but he said it was the people that made the experience truly rewarding.

"The only times I'm truly happy in life is when I'm helping others. It just feels real good to help all these people who are really in need right now with the holidays and COVID," Scot said.

About LVTRise

The Las Vegas Trail Revitalization Project, known as LVTRise, is a collaboration and partnership of private companies, human service organizations and government agencies dedicated to helping residents of the Las Vegas Trail area improve their neighborhood and day-to-day lives. In response to the devastating crime, unemployment and educational challenges in the LVT area, the organization works to alter the trajectory of the lives of the residents living in the area and focuses resources for both sustained change and immediate positive impact to life.



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