The Las Vegas Trail Revitalization Project, known as LVTRise, is a partnership of private companies, human service organizations and government agencies aligned to improve the lives of residents in the Las Vegas Trail (LVT) community, which encompasses 1.7 square miles in West Fort Worth and is composed of mostly multi-family and single-family residences.

In response to the devastating crime in the LVT area, as well as unemployment and school challenges, a Fort Worth group of non-profit, government and for-profit leaders convened in August 2017 and conducted town hall meetings and apartment complex mini-gatherings to receive input from the LVT community. 

The outcome was a strong consensus from the residents  desire to have a community center around which they could gather and that would provide improved safety, after school programming, childcare,  as well as, job training, legal services, and a community social hub would help enrich the lives of the people living in the LVT area. 

As a precursor to the opening of the brick-and-mortar facility, the  LVT steering committee and Catholic Charities of Fort Worth created a mobile community center that services the LVT Community twice a week.  The 45-foot long RV is staffed by a rotation of social services providing needed resources to the vastly underserved area. 

Today, LVTRise provides services that address six major areas of concern: Social Services, Housing, Economic Development, Healthcare, Public Safety, and Education.