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Dear Friends,


Happy New Year and welcome to the first edition of the #LVTRise Newsletter! It is with much excitement that I share with you how grateful I am to serve and lead such a dynamic organization. In August 2017, the city of Fort Worth along with several city leaders took a stand for its fellow residents residing in the Las Vegas Trail (LVT) community by shining a light on the underserved areas. Within a year these leaders were able to identify path ways and models designed


to answer the most pressing needs in LVT by providing access to community resources and equipping residents with the tools needed to pave a new path forward.


I, along with the executive leadership team and many other community leaders continue to lead collaborative efforts in the fight against community dependence by promoting public and private partnerships and implementing a sustainable model that will allow the LVT community to gain a complete identity while promoting community pride and unity.


The best solution to social equality goes beyond yesterday’s turmoil. The solution is often embedded under years, sometimes generations, of hidden powers buried within our community. This power comes from individuals who have chosen to stand firmly on their faith and not lay submissively to the trial’s life has thrown their way. We strongly believe through steady collaborative efforts we will continue to unlock the powers that already exist within LVT and aid in creating opportunity for a brighter future.


In just the past few months LVTRise has identified existing strengths that have allowed us to establish a great foundation. We have been able to connect residents to an abundance of social services and emergency assistance through various partnering organizations and we have even launched a Resident Advisory Council and an Apartment Manager Network for the LVT community to benefit from. Over the next year I will highlight the efforts and partnerships made within LVTRise’s six focus areas including: Economic Development, Public Safety, Education, Social Services, Health and Wellness and Housing.

As friends of LVTRise, I ask that you support our efforts in partnering with this community, engage the members of your own community and encourage us while we capture the hearts and the minds of LVT residents in order to continue moving the entire City of Fort Worth forward.

I hope you enjoy the newsletter and I wish you a great 2019!

Willie Rankin

Executive Director

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